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A bountiful year for anime? I’m hoping

Callan for WSA writes: "Several bits of news have rolled in this January/late December time that gives many North American Anime fans a bit of hope. One being the seemingly constant updates to the upcoming anime list on Crunchyroll. If you do not know what crunchyroll is, I seriously implore you go to right now and peruse the site. It is anime and Asian dramas available to stream instantly from the site, with some ads at the free setting. Many of which are not yet available to buy in the states, if they ever will be at all. Now crunchyroll was a shady place in the beginning, with being able to upload whatever you wanted and many Japanese stations, North American distributors and fansub groups crying foul.

But then a glorious thing happened, Crunchy got bank rolled. Roughly $4.05 million was invested in 2008 and Crunchy went legit, eventually. It was a slow process, but they eventually weeded out the illegal vids and started to secure distribution agreements...

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SynGamer4170d ago

It will be interesting to see where Crunchyroll is in a few years. Would be great if they can get more exclusives, would definitely make the subscription that much more worthwhile.