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iAX: JapanFiles to Start Serving Berryz Koubou’s Sweet Music Worldwide

Jason Young writes: "I’m going to admit something that will make hardcore wotas around the world look down upon with me with shame. I’m a very late comer to the j-pop scene, propelled largely by my coverage and slight obsession with Morning Musume (and to a lesser extent Sayumi Michishige) back at Anime Expo 2009. Before I was introduced to the sweet wonderful world of MoMu, AKB48 and Idoling! by my two friends, I used to be an electronic and American rock aficionado, filling my iPod with the likes of Muse, Linkin Park and DragonForce. Now, granted I still listen to them, but my idols come first and foremost. So please excuse me for not getting into Hello! Project’s Berryz Koubou scene until late. I didn’t start listening to the group until they were announced for Seattle’s Sakura-Con back in late December."

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