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James Franco As Kaneda In Akira

James Franco is one of the go-to men right now for a number of roles and he's being reported as in talks with several people about several different projects. The folks at Buzznet are claiming to have exclusively confirmed that Franco is in talks to take on the lead role in the live action adaptation of the Katsuhiro Otomo manga Akira.

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Yi-Long4309d ago

... why cast a mature grown man in the role of a teenager?

Why even do a Hollywood live-action remake at all!?

And IF you're going to do a new Akira movie, why not just make it completely CGI so you can stick much closer to the original vision!?

wquach4308d ago

I think Franco has the look of a teenager/looks quite young for his age so that might not be such an issue, but I definitely agree and am concerned about how the live-action translation will turn out.

akiraburn4308d ago

This is perhaps some of the worst news I've read in weeks, possibly months. Namely, if this turns out to be true, then that means that the movie is actually still in production, which they just need to not do. There are very few folks in Hollywood who could actually pull this off without making a steaming pile of garbage, and I am pretty certain that none of them are working on it. Instead we're getting a script that's not related at all to the manga or anime, actors who definitely don't fit the parts, and every other bit of over-produced Hollywood mediocrity they can throw at us.

Here's a ridiculous question, why aren't they casting a Japanese actor in the role? When the actual entire story of Akira takes place in Japan, with Japanese kids, and one focal point is all about Japanese and American government related conflicts... you'd think that at least the most simple of themes could be noticed by the writers and casting directors. The only real American actors should be some of the government officials.

This could end up meaning that they went with the "New York" story that's been rumored, which again is awful. Why don't they just change their names already, Kanaeda can be Joe, Tetsuo can be Hank, and Akira will be Billy-Bob. Ugh. Sorry for the rant, but if there's one thing I hate seeing, it's when someone takes an amazing established product or IP, and turns it into something awful.

xino4308d ago

anything American/Hollywood make or remake is always bad news!