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Hot cosplay of the week: Resident Evil's Jill Valentine

While this new and improved Jill is set to fight Marvel and Capcom’s finest in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, this cosplayer has set some time aside to model the skintight suit. With a skintight suit that suits her well and a look to match, it makes you wonder why she hasn’t traded in her gun and fists for some volleyball time.

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xino3903d ago

I really don't get the idea of all these cosplay or the POINT in shooting one:/

GodsHand3903d ago

Some people like to make belive they are someone else. With your statement you could say the same for actors.

xino3903d ago

does not absolutely relate.

If there are no actors then there wouldn't be inspiration.

ipunchedGOD8983903d ago

Yeah, cosplay seems to have evolved from just "let's dress up for a convention!" to a full blown production.

wissam3903d ago

Hot. but you know. I really hated jill shape in re5.