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Naruto Shippuden Kage summit trailer

次々と人柱力を捕らえ、ついに7の尾獣を手に入れた『暁』。この 事態に、これまで互いの様子をうかがい一応の平穏を保っていた忍五 大国が動いた!急遽それぞれの隠れ里の長『五影』が一堂に介する『 五影会談』が開催されることとなったのである。

Trailer for the next naruto shippuden arc.

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Shani3779d ago

Looks awesome. Why my laptop had to die today?

CanadianTurtle3779d ago

Looks awesome, except I don't understand how Kishimoto can put Samurai working together with Ninjas in the same manga lol

RedPawn3779d ago

It's all about rationale.

BigDollarZoe9543779d ago

wow cant wait to see the episode

DiLeCtioN3778d ago

cool cant wait for sasgay to get his can whooped