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Anime and Manga releases for the week of February 21st, 2011

There aren’t many releases in the way of anime, but there is certainly a big one dropping from FUNimation. FLCL makes its return in a complete set on Blu-ray and DVD thanks to FUNimation’s classic line along with the complete set of Chrono Crusade. NIS America releases the second box set of Our Home’s Fox Deity while Eastern Star releases the Crying Freeman DVD Complete Collection and finally Media Blasters releases Voltron: Fleet of Doom on Blu-ray.

Yen Press dominates the manga releases this week with 7 titles while Viz and Vertical each release one. Chi’s Sweet Home GN 5 releases from Vertical and Viz has Adventures of Taro GN 2, both of which are aimed towards a younger audience. 13th Boy GN 6, Dragon Girl GN 2, Higurashi: When They Cry GN 11, Ichiroh! GN 4, Raiders GN 5, Soul Eater GN 5 and Sumomomo Momomo GN 7 all release from Yen Press this week.

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