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iAX: Review: Moero Downhill Night (PC)

"In Moero Downhill Night, you are Shou Daichi, your regular every day soba delivery boy working at Himeda Ridge who is struggling to meet ends meet. One day while out on a routine delivery, you’re hit by a cute female driver named Michi, and suddenly wake up with the knowledge of a seasoned NASCAR pro and are asked to become the ‘legendary driver.’ All of this when you don’t even have your driver’s license! So how does this game fair in the relatively niche genre of Japanese visual novels? In the world of cars, I would have to say that it’s somewhat akin to a Dodge Avenger. The game looks nice, sounds nice and has a good concept, but unfortunately falls short thanks to a few minor problems. Mainly, that it’s a racing game where you don’t actually…drive."

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