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Hot cosplay of the week: Pokemon's Misty

Pokemon Black and White are coming to the DSes of American children (and creepy adults) next month, but there are many who still cherish the fond memories from the original Pokemon Red and Blue titles way back when. While some may chalk this favoritism up to nostalgia, cosplays of the Cerulean City Gym Leader Misty help to reassure everyone that the first generation is still the best.

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derkasan3981d ago

The times, they are a-changin'.

There goes my nostalgia...

Yi-Long3980d ago

... as a shaved Polarbear sitting in a freezer enjoying a bucket of Ben and Jerry's.

moogle843980d ago

Misty... how you clouded my childhood with confusion...

arjman3980d ago

I always imagined Misty would be a hot milf with huge tata's...swimming and bouncing in the a skimpy bikini...ahhhhhhhhh