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Spike Spencer to Voice Saburo Tagasu of ‘Durarara!’

Announced today voice actor Spike Spencer (Neon Genesis Evangelion and Excel Saga) will be voicing the character Saburo Togasu from the popular Anime ‘Durarara!!’. Togasu is the driver of the gang Dollars and is extremely protective of his van to the point of becoming outraged at any signs of damage done to it. He is also a good friend of Kadota and shares a close bond which the rest of the group could not break.

Based on the hit novel of the same name by Ryohgo Narita the series has shocked readers and the light-novel industry alike with its unique characters and stories. The story takes place in Ikebukuro, Tokyo where a young high school student longs for an exciting life, an unbelievably strong and violent man, an information broker, an underground doctor, a stalker, a ‘headless’ rider on a black motorcycle, an infamous gang called Dollars, and many others get caught up in a story of epic proportions.

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