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Has pirated manga become ‘property of the internet’?

A blog called Welcome Datacomp has translated a discussion of manga piracy between manga creators Ken Akamatsu (Love Hina, Negima), Minako Uchida, and Kazumi Tojo that took place on the Japanese social media site Togetter about the prevalence of scanned and fan-translated manga on the internet.

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Archaic4144d ago

Interesting that they specifically mentioned scanlations this time around. Before they've only focused on the Japanese domestic stuff.

Sweety85874143d ago

i think it can be considered a good thing, shows that they're finally poking their heads outta their caves and going "is this whats going on in the world?"

on the other hand, i doubt that they'll do anything proper bout it. I mean, time and time again they have shown that they care more about their domestic market rather than the international market. Not that I totally blame em on that

Cosmo8114143d ago

Something needs to be changed. The idea that piracy doesn't harm is ridiculous, and it's obviously starting to hit home..