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Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal Review | FleshEatingZipper

FleshEatingZipper Says: "Japan’s Meiji era was supposed to be a time of peace, but Japan’s shaky government had enemies, easily silenced by assassins. Trust and Betrayal is the bloody-as-hell prequel to the fun loving anime series known as Rurôni Kenshin."

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xino4276d ago

we need a bluray version of this.
then I'll buy it!

ShinFuYux4276d ago

One of the few gripes i have against this anime is that the fight scenes where too short. That's something that fundamentally made rurouni kenshin anime exceptional, they were long and very dramatic.

Besides that, some scenes seemed a bit out of pace, like you had moments that were unbearably slow while there was others that were too fast.

It's a good anime, but i feel like they skimmed over the important scenes, really, really fast just so they can get to the climatic ending.