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Funimation to Release Unedited Vampire Bund in June

Anime retailer Right Stuf currently lists a June 14 release for a Dance in the Vampire Bund DVD/Blu-ray Complete Series combo from Funimation, who has confirmed with ANN that the release will be unedited. The suggested retail price for the limited edition release is US$69.98; the regular edition will cost US$64.98.

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Reibooi4275d ago

I was confused a bit by the weirdness surrounding this release. Soon after Funi licensed the show they said it would be edited but then soon after they said it wouldn't and then said nothing about it for the longest time.

Then a few weeks ago a survey was sent out asking if you would buy certain Simulcast shows if they were released on DVD and Blu-ray and Dance in the Vampire Bund was in that survey despite having already been announced to be coming to DVD and Blu-ray some time in 2011. I thought they had maybe decided not to release it and they were perhaps gauging interest in that survey. Although FMA:B was in that survey to so who knows.

I would really like to know when Funi plans on releasing Shana 2 and if they were able to get the original cast back because that's gonna be a big sticking point for alot of people who love the dub.