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Beginner's Guide to Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z. Just uttering those words to just about any anime or manga fan will bring about nostalgia. Hated and loved for over 20 years, the DBZ anime was the first juggernaut of its kind. The series is known around the world and would easily be one of the first 5 titles mentioned if someone was asked to name an anime off the top of their head. In addition, this anime was the primary gateway for the previous generation of anime fans.

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jwalkerz4273d ago

stupid. it called wikipedia

xino4271d ago

waste of time!

just start from ep 1 DBZ!

or better yet watch DB Kai which is more better and up to date

tacosRcool4271d ago

They left way too much out in Dragon Ball Kai. That my friend is a waste of time

xino4271d ago

you mean they left out unneeded bits and time wasting bits.

just to have a fight in DBZ takes about 15min because they stand still steering at each other having a eye competition.

Whereas in DB K, they get to the point!
So much unneeded childish scenes where removed in DB Kai.
Updated subtitles or dialogue that makes much sense.

tacosRcool4271d ago

That just takes away from watching Dragon Ball Z! They took out many parts of the original series that made DBZ well, DBZ