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Retailers Told to Destroy One Piece Game DVDs

Namco Bandai has informed retails they need to destroy all dvds with footage from One Piece: Unlimited Cruise Special.

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xino4267d ago man!

lose of shipped product and money because of reference to tsunami.

i'm not bothered, they can do what they like. Don't give a damn about that anime

tacosRcool4267d ago

I never found the anime entertaining or enjoyable. No loss for me!

tayz4267d ago

the games can still be fun even if the anime is not

killershadow1174267d ago

I don't understand why they tell retailers to destroy them instead of just giving them away for free. I guess in this case it's a little understandable with a (maybe?) cancelled game but when they destroy stuff that has been on the shelves to long makes me a little sick. Why do that when there are tons of people very happy to take it off their hands.

Djinn4267d ago

why the fuck should they give anything away for free? stupidest thing i've ever heard

tayz4267d ago

ya, destroying the DVDs is really dumb. everyone with half a brain knows one piece is just an anime/manga. for those with less than half a brain just put a warning on it that it contains tsunami references, that it's all fake and has nothing to do with real events. namco bandai is doing a disservice to themselves and to the fans.

jwalkerz4267d ago

i bet the retailers will keep it and sell it online

tayz4267d ago

lol or the employees will take it home and sell it on ebay

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