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Shogakukan Bans Fan Art

Top manga publisher Shogakukan has banned almost all online fan activity pertaining to its works, most notably any form of artwork or doujinshi based on its characters.

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Sweety85874118d ago

well thats one way to alienate your fanbase...this new rule by Sogakukan means no avies, no wallpapers, no fanarts, no doujins...

Does it also mean that you cant discuss the latest chapters? would that fall under "Posting the contents or tables of contents of our publications. Posting plot summaries or derivative stories and similar based on our publications."?

And I wonder if this extends to cosplays too...

RustInPeace4118d ago

I just want to know one thing: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN JAPAN (aside from the obvious disasters of recent)!? Why is everything suddenly being banned, discontinued, censored, or (in the case of One Piece) destroyed? Is this all a mental fallout after the tsunami and earthquake? I understand things are traumatic and chaotic at the moment, but why are artists and publishers shutting themselves off from the rest of the world so violently and en mass?

Reibooi4118d ago

No it's caused by the west freaking out of what they saw coming out of Japan. This caused Japan to get a law passed that pretty much allows them to ban anything and now companies are doing stuff like this to make sure they have control over what they are making and what is being made related to their properties to make sure nothing gets banned.

Because the west likes to freak out over stuff they don't understand they could in theory get whiff of a doujin related to something and freak out over the doujin despite it not in any way being made by the company who actually made the property.

At least this is how I see it but I don't really understand all this crap. It just annoys me because all the stupid law that was passed seems to be doing is scaring the publishers and studios into doing things that are FAR to drastic and basically scaring them into not doing anything new and creative.

RustInPeace4117d ago

Hell, I live in the West and for me personally, nothing that is an artistic is offensive. Why get offended by something so benign? It's just the way our world works... The crying uppity minority finds something they don't understand and tries eliminating it. If it were something caused by the West, I want to know who specifically has a say In a situation like this... Probably some old wrinkly douche who just has a hate for Japan

Reibooi4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )


When I say it was caused by the west I'm referring to the Rapelay incident in which basically all major news outlets in the US found out about the Illusion game Rapelay and freaked out about it talking down on Japan and passing horrible judgement based on a game that had been released 3 or 4 years prior to the media flipping out over it and despite the fact the sexual crime rate is nearly nonexistent in Japan(and the last few articles I had read about crimes of that nature on Japan Probe were of US military Soldiers in Okinawa)

After all this drama the Japanese government decided it should try to pass laws of some sort to make people think they were not so bad or something along those lines. This lead to the Nonexistent Youth Bill that failed to get passed thanks to how incredibly vague it was but then lead to the even more vague recent bill being passed which as mentioned in my previous comment basically allows the Tokyo government to ban whatever they want in gaming, manga and anime although live action and novels are not affected.

The problem here is again how vague the law is and that if they wanted the Tokyo government can ban things that are widely considered masterpieces in the anime Industry. Things such as Evangelion for example.(Due simply to certain scenes involving Rei and Asuka despite these scenes not being used in a exploitative way) and again all the law has done thus far is scare the publishers and companies into taking drastic measures and stifle their creativity.

hazelamy4117d ago

it's funny, i always thought all that fan artwork and other stuff meant you your work was loved by the fans, guess it's just makes the fans dirty thieves, who knew?

seriously though, if they want to not have fans any more, they're going the right way about it.

and how many professional manga artists started out doing doujinshi? a few i'll bet.

this move just seems kind of petty to me.

Reibooi4117d ago

Far more then a few I would say. In fact I would be willing to bet that the majority of modern Manga-ka started off as Doujin authors.