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Funimation Picks Up North American Rights To Vesperia Movie

Last year, news broke of a German distributor picking up the rights for Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike, but with no word on a possible North American release. Today that changes, as Funimation has just announced they have obtain the rights to the film.

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Lavalamp4327d ago





Awesome, so pumped. But, if they do a dub as well as a sub, how will they manage that when the cast aren't Funi VAs? If they decided to do a redub, I probably would just stick to the sub because I loved the English VAs in the game. I found them to be perfect fits and I wouldn't want to ruin my impression of their work.

ShawnCollier4327d ago

IIRC, Funimation has used LA voice actors and I think most of Vesperia's cast has worked with them as well in the past.

So they might be able to get the original cast back again for this.

Reibooi4325d ago

Normally what they would do is just license the voice work out to the studio that did the work on the original. Which based on who was in the game was more then likely Bang Zoom in LA. The only time I am aware of that Funi brought the actors to them is for the Eva movies(and even then most of the original cast is based in Texas where Funi is anyway)

I really do hope that they do go the route of getting the original cast back as I thought the games dub was rather strong and it's one of the reasons I have been annoyed that the PS3 version of the game never came to the US(It had full voice for everything) despite the fact that the VO for it was already recorded(according to Troy Baker).

What would be really cool is if Funi and Bandai Namco do a cross promotion and release both the movie and the PS3 version of Vesperia at around the same time(They did something similar with the Sands of Destruction anime) but that's probably just optimism on my part.