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Navarre Sells Funimation to Group with Gen Fukunaga

The media distributor Navarre Corporation announced on Monday that it has sold its anime company Funimation to a group of investors that includes Gen Fukunaga, who is also Funimation's chief executive officer. The price of the all-cash transaction is US$24 million. Navarre will continue to serve as Funimation's exclusive distributor in the United States, as well as its logistics and fulfillment services provider. The investment group also includes John A. Kuelbs "who was then instrumental in selecting Darwin and Doug Deason to join the team," according to Funimation.

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Lavalamp4107d ago

Please forgive my ignorance, but how exactly will this affect Funimation's business model and us as their consumers? I'm not too familiar with the intricacies of the anime industry as I am with, say, the gaming industry, so I'm drawing a blank right now. I heard some people say that Funi is now independent, which is a good thing due to the freedom to experiment in things like digital media, but I'm still confizzled on that shizzle.

Reibooi4107d ago

Basically Funi now owns themselves(As Gen Fukunaga was the CEO and President and he was the head of the new group who bought the company) What this means is that Funi's day to day operation will not change. No one is going to limit them or anything like that. However some have mentioned it also means that they no longer have a cushion to fall back on(aka Navarre) However it needs to be said that in recent times Funi was infusing Navarre with more money then Navarre was giving Funi so unless things get REALLY bad REALLY fast Funi is gonna be completely fine.

It also is worth mentioning that one of the investors in this deal is a Billionaire with a B. This could mean alot. If the guy wants he could infuse a metric CRAP LOAD of money into Funi. Now if he will or not remains to be seen. He could have just been around to help buy the company and then sit behind the scenes and hope to regain his money. But again the deal just happened so this is all gonna take awhile to see happen.

Bottom line is that Funi is now independent and nothing will change in the short term. How the long term changes depends on how much money the new investors are willing to use to grow the companies the way Funi has been planing(aka bigger net presence and co pros)