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Poster for Bleach Fillers Features Girl That Looks like Rukia

Images show a green-haired girl that looks like Rukia will be staring in the next Bleach filler arc.

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GoDHanDSama4324d ago

I don't think she looks like Rukia albeit very close though.

tayz4324d ago

they are sort of looking at each other in the poster so they look like opposites. any who i hope theres girl on girl fighting action!

Reibooi4323d ago

I personally don't think they look the same at all. They have a similar build and that's about it. Considering the main plot for the filler arc has already been talked about to some point and a Rukia doppelganger wasn't ever mentioned I would just bet it's a random side character that people are reading to much into.

tayz4323d ago

and their hairstyle is the same too. but now i also think the green haired girl is like that other dudes sister like rukia is byakuya's sister. you know what i mean? and they'll clash thats why the trailer said byakuya vs byakuya

Scyrus4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

ok ok wow, i looked at the pic this time, dudes wtf thats not a rukia look alike, lmao just cuz she has short hair, freakin morons haaha. there are look alikes in the show like
Shuhei Hisagi is just an angry ichigo with black hair.

sorta like goten, goku, turles and bardok in dbz, not the same person but all are copy pasted

GoDHanDSama4322d ago

No need to resort to insults, It's still a matter of opinion in the end, If he/she thinks the character looks like Rukia so be it, we've just been voicing out our opinions, there no need to impose yours on everyone.

Scyrus4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

sorry didnt mean for it to be offensive :P online talk always gets out of context lol