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Keanu Reeves: Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Still Uncertain

In a video interview posted on Tuesday, actor Keanu Reeves told MTV News that he is still trying to turn the Cowboy Bebop anime into a live-action movie. "I had some conversations. I believe there's still knocking on that door, but it has not opened."

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Yi-Long4109d ago

...and IF you're gonna make a remake as a movie, why not just make it completely CGI so you can stay much closer to the original design!? Plus it will be much cheaper.

Sweety85874108d ago

I for one dont care SO LONG AS THEY STICK TO THE STORY! The attempts to 'Americanize' stories just leaves me screaming in agony.

rataranian4107d ago

Making anime's into live action movies usually fails. Some exceptions are the japanese ones, but in the US? Ouch. Bad enough they can't even make comic book movies good.