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Bleach Soul Ignition – New Screenshots and Details

Game will be single player and have PSN support.

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tayz4256d ago

It looks like they messed Aizen up in the game. He's wearing those clothes when he turns into a butterfly but just doesnt have the butterfly wings!

zeal0us4255d ago

I don't really care for aizen after the whole attitude shift after getting power/becoming more powerful with the hyoukoku(spell wrong). I felt he was constantly boasting about power whereas b4 he control mostly everything with even having to lift a finger.

lol @ "The second one is of Ichigo and somebody else (either it’s a generic Arrancar, or we’re just drawing a blank on who it is)."

you telling me no1 over there staff-wise recognize it was aizen

other than that the game looks pretty sweet.

animelova4256d ago

how can i import this game? and is there an English language option?

baodeus4255d ago

bleach getting kinda stupid like dragon ball Z. pure brawl power and no brain. No strategy or anything, just who has more power.

colonel1794255d ago

I kind of agree with you.
I liked how ichigo was becoming very powerful very fast, and it was impressive to see him beat other captains. But it tuned out to be that every fight ichigo wins, they all wait for ichigo, and now even captains are useless.

I don't like either, that they have forgotten what made the anime great. They don't show Kon anymore, Ichigo doesn't go to school anymore, they forgot about inoue's powers (they don't show the 3 little dudes anymore), they haven't showed a lot of banakais, they don't show the transition from human to shinigami (or having invisible hollows in the real world anymore), Now they are always flying, Renji is now a puss, what happened to Youruichi, they don't show her anymore (or at least very little) I mean I could go on and on.

I like the series, and I really enjoy it, but is a shame that they are losing (lost it already) their way when making the series (manga/anime). I hope it improves with this new arc

baodeus4255d ago

exactly. Just like dragon ball, only sayin matters since, no one else could stand a chance against those villians, and it is the same everytime, just more power, fusion over and over, more fusion, more power and when it all fails, Goku just pull out that old spirit bomb crap and it is over.

i think unless u have a lot of ways to expand your story, dragging it on and on would kills it. Naruto is a little bit better (they have so much room to expand) and even that feels a little bit too long (i think it is comming to an end soon). Some of the great series like TriGun, Samurai Champloo for example are shorter but great throughout.