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Persona 4 anime announced

GamePro: Index Corporation (the owners of Persona series publisher Atlus) has revealed Persona 4: The Animation today. The TV series features the setting and characters from the Persona 4 game, including the protagonist, who now has an "official" name -- Yu Narukami.

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Lavalamp4248d ago

Really excited for this! I hope that the producers will be able to faithfully maintain the level characterization that Persona 4 was able to exude. Also, my protagonist's name was so much cooler. I mean, who doesn't want to play as someone called Sha'Nay Nay?

pinkyxyz4248d ago

Martin reference was nice

Reibooi4247d ago

I'm really kinda confused on how to feel about this. I LOVED Persona 4 but I don't think it really needed a anime adaptation. That said if it's done well it won't be a bad thing. But then there is the issue of if it comes out in the US or not. Suffice to say that the dub for the game was so good(and I played the game so much) that I would not be able to watch the show subbed no matter how much I wanted to. After hearing one thing for so long it's nearly impossible(at least for me) to just switch to something else.

There is a good chance this won't even get licensed and if it does the chances are that unless it's Funi who brings it over it will end up being released sub only(ala Trinity Soul) and even if it's not I don't know if a dub was made if they would bother with the trouble of bringing back the original cast.

So many things need to go right for this to be pulled off and I'm not the only one with these concerns. Over on ANN a very large portion of the people want the show to come out dubbed with the original cast intact but most realize the chances for this are slim to non. I guess time will tell. Chances are the show isn't coming out soon. It will probably being airing either near the end of this year or perhaps early next year. Of course they could release it sooner but they don't tend to do that very often.

Shani4247d ago

Awesome news. Hopefully funimation will bring it here in NA too.

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