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Review: “Clannad: Complete Collection” (DVD)

iAX: "As a huge fan of Jun Maeda’s works Air and Kanon, I’ve always held anything by KEY close to my heart. With the company’s seamless blend of comedy, melodrama, magic and their self-proclaimed “crying game” formula, the company has brought me to tears on more than one occassion. Including their most recent project Angel Beats!, which was easily my favorite anime series from 2010. So when I got a chance to review Clannad: Complete Collection on DVD by Sentai Filmworks, I just knew that I had to jump on that chance."

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CrescentFang4193d ago

I just finished this, after story and angel beats. I can say that Jun Maeda one person who can get others emotional...
Though I can't help it, but say to myself to play the KEY visual novels someday

Sweety85874193d ago

have you also watched After story? Ho boy, tissues become your best friend in season 2!

But totally agreed on Jun Maeda :) He knows how to tell a story that'll touch your heart!

insomnium24192d ago

After story is one of my favourite anime. It's good to cry every once in a while :)