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New Rurouni Kenshin Anime Green-Lit

The June issue of Shueisha's Jump Square magazine is announcing on Thursday that production on a new Rurouni Kenshin anime project has been green-lit. More information will be provided in future issues of Jump Square.

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CrescentFang4094d ago

No way...
And I was excited for the new Berserk and Persona 4
I'm loving this year lol

Peaceful_Jelly4094d ago

about Berserk, isn't just that a movie that retells the story of the original anime and not a continuation?

CrescentFang4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

I think it is just a whole redone thing (I didnt watch the anime, only read the manga) and judging from the things I have seen and heard about the anime, it seemed that they had changed some things and what not. Now they made news of a reboot (for lack of a better term).

I am positive they are making not just 1 berserk movie, but a series of them to retell the series more faithful to the manga (or so I hear, I am sorry for my lack of creditable resources...)
I hope that help? (to rephrase whatever I just wrote lol) :)

Boatbird4094d ago

Whaa!!!? Watched the anime and it was damn good but the ending to it was a damn tease(was gonna read the manga but never got around to it).

If what CrescentFang said is true then I wouldn't mind.

klado4094d ago

Me you, would get as far a possible from the worthy, not at all, i mean, the final two ones.

CrescentFang4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

(lol this article is for rurouni kenshin, but now I'm posting more about berserk lol)

Ok, I did a little (re)reading (cause I did read these months ago) in the discussion threads in the animenewsnetwork articles about the new berserk anime




Ok, so about the thing about there being more than 1 movie... atm there is only 1 announced, but there are reasons why fans would think there is going to be more than one movie

1) The anime (the info I read about it) only covers part of the BlackSwordsman and Golden Age arcs. (first 13 vols)
It would be very difficult to adapt the whole series into one movie (as they have stated, they want to adapt the WHOLE series)

2)The trailers up for the new anime are post Vol 1-13 (which the anime only got to. Manga is on like Vol 35)

Such as here:
this fight happens, how do i say... farther than where the anime got to
This happened during the Golden Age arc, so the anime should have had the scene where Guts first fought/saw Nosferatu Zodd
This happened during the Golden Age arc too, so the anime got through this...

Er, TRAILER 4 is some sort of combination of trailer 1 and 3
This one just shows the Skull-knight and the same post-Golden Age arc fight between Griffith and Guts (from trailer 1)

So that's all I really know, sorry for getting you guys hopes up (I was just saying what I recalled and I definitely didn't say for sure I knew there was going to be more than 1 movie.), but I am still leaning towards the side that they're going to do more than 1 movie cause... 35 Vols to adapt to 1 movie (unless its like 15 hours long) is going to be ALOT lol

ShinFuYux4090d ago


I hope the music is as epic as the fist anime.