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New live action Street Fighter project looks promising

From Paul Gale Network: "There have been many live action takes on the Street Fighter universe over the years, spanning from multi-million dollar theatrical releases to fan made efforts. I (PGN) wouldn’t be surprised if most gamers agreed that the short fan projects that have popped up here and there paid more respect and authenticity to Capcom’s original source material.

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TonykomatMK4310d ago

Well with the new Mortal Kombat web series that is totally sick I guess Street Fighter needs some loving too!

KofiKingstonPSThree4310d ago

Kinda pathetic in a way that fan made stuff is better than the big studio projets. But more props to gamers artists and the like.

halojane94310d ago

The best SF live action web series was the "Street Fighter The Later Years" that was effin hilarious! Wasn't the group suppose to make more or something like that?

Jackojwang4310d ago

Nothing will beat that in terms of raw hilarity!! Though the Mortal Kombat series going on now I have to admit has a production budget of something like Smallville as far as visuals go. I'm shocked from how "good" the first looked like and am going to watch the second tomorrow (got to save something for hump day).

TekkenSmithMachine4310d ago

*cough* Tekken needs some live action justice....

HurricaneKick94310d ago

no crappy hadoukens! legacy did it better than the Van Damnit movie or the so called kikoken in Chun Li's flick and if they do 'em here do 'em right

jwalkerz4310d ago

hopefully it isnt boring as mortal kombat legacy

Crazay4309d ago (Edited 4309d ago )

Always someone with a dick outlook on things. There's nothing wrong with the MK series. I'm quite enjoying it as are millions of other people. It's a good fresh take on the source material.

nfourgtoday4309d ago

You're right there is nothing wrong with the new MK series. Maybe they take out some of the mysticism and make it so that it could fit in our REAL world but come on could anyone do better without having a HUGE motion picture budget? I look forward to PART 3 and the rest from there out.

Crazay4309d ago

the mysticism is what makes MK ...Well...MK. You need to have that level of spirtuality to have Shang Sung, the Earth Real and all the other realms they speak of. The lightning from Raiden, The Ice from Sub Zero etc.

nfourgtoday4309d ago

Your right about the mysticism playing a big part of the Mortal Kombat world and I hope that they keep it in there. I just heard that Baraka isn't like that but rather he's a mad doctor and implanted metal blades into his arms. Sub Zero deep freezes people as a sick mass murderer. And so on. That was my feer at first that they were going to try and make everyone REAL. If that is the case I still will watch it cuz it looks cool and is being done well. I do hope that there is some spirituality but I dunno.

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