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A complete remake/retelling of Dragon Ball Z could be a good thing

From Paul Gale Network: "What would it take for you to watch a new Dragon Ball series, and perhaps more importantly, do you want one at all?"

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TonykomatMK4093d ago

I think that most people would be content if we'd just get a good trilogy of movies let alone one GOOD live action film.

MikamiFanForLife4093d ago

The best anime ever. Don't need fixing. I don't people trying to fix what ain't broken. With the exception of a few things a lot of "remakes" end up being big "mistakes". Maybe DBZ could be made better but I doubt it.

gaffyh4092d ago

Well I can't watch it because the anime style looks horrible imo. I was hoping with DB Kai they would have re-done the drawing, but they didn't, major disappointment. So I still have not watched any DB, and I won't until they redo the graphics.

Shang-Long4092d ago

im like a series held in trunks world.

one thing i never got is, there are dragon balls on the new namek why not have bulma build a ship, travel there wish everyone cell and the androids killed back to life and bam new series in a new universe.

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DonkeyKingKong334093d ago

As long as it would be hand drawn and not 3D rendered. That would ruin it for me I think..

Jackojwang4093d ago

Some 3D projects like Beast Wars turned out just as good if not better than its Transformers predecessor but in the case of Dragon Ball I think your probably right.

RobinGB4093d ago

Wait people LIKE the original voice actors???

belal4092d ago

NO don't remake DBZ, it's allready great. But what they can do is make a new manga where they follows goku jr.

xino4092d ago

the series definitely needs a remake.

all the saiyan lvl 3, gold hair, over 9000 lvl is all mash up.

they need to remake it to make it more serious. DBZ was too jokey and serious half the time. While DBZ Kai tried to make it serious and eliminated all childish scenes (which was a great thing).

DB GT was garbage!

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The story is too old to be commented.