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Aki Sora Banned – “We Can No Longer Depict Incest”

Incest manga Aki Sora has fallen victim to Ishihara’s ban on raunchy manga, with the distraught author reporting that it was its depiction of an incestuous relationship rather than any erotic content which has caused all further publication to be prevented.

The manga, formerly serialised in Champion Ichigo Red and adapted into an anime, was due to be reprinted – but author Masahiro Itosugi angrily reports that there is now no hope of this

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Djinn4238d ago

I love Ishihara. Next up, please ban Gantz. It is an utterly disgusting piece of work and shouldn't exist. At the very least, something like gantz will never see the light of day with Ishihara on the job.

JAMurida4234d ago

Gantz is an interesting read. I would understand why people don't like it's content, but an interesting read non the less. I think as long as Gantz stays in manga form it should be allowed to still be made. When it comes down to it, it's the anime that is presented to the public, not as much as the manga, (which is why manga is allowed to be so raw with it's content).