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Massive Pokemon artwork featuring all 646 creatures

From Paul Gale Network: "Pokemon has been out for 5 generations worth of main titles and it has accumulated 646 creatures in total."

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Jackojwang3711d ago

Is it wrong of me to still like the first 151 the best? Were they really the best or is it because it was the first for me?

RobinGB3711d ago

I think that most of us fit into that boat.

RufustheKing3711d ago

agreed mate. time were simpler back then :)

GForceRyu3711d ago

Holy Magikarp it is mega massive like one of those Simpsons pieces =)

halojane93711d ago

Too big for me to view on my screen at once lol. Great work to that artist.

Jackojwang3711d ago

I think I like the first 151 so much because that's what I experienced first when I was younger. Like what if the new set of 150ish came out instead of the og group with Pikachu and them and that set came out now. Would we be wondering and preferring the same thing?

TekkenSmithMachine3711d ago

WE NEED A NEW MEGA POKERAP! Can any of you think of how long one of those would be today?!

CrescentFang3711d ago

With newer generation of kids, I'm glad for them to have newer pokemon to grow up with :)

Though For most of us, (of our generation) the first 151 were engraved into our memories. The newer gen of kids will have their nostalgic moments with later pokemon gens :3

ShinkuTatsuMaki3710d ago

I think you're right about that mate.