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It’s time for Street Fighter III: The Animated Movie

From Paul Gale Network: "You know, one of my (PGN's) favorite movies is Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, which first came out in 1994. It’s such a well done film in many aspects, including the animation, quality of drawings, the choice of music, personality of its characters, and even story."

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SFWorldWarrior4238d ago

Any new Street Fighter movie that isn't made by Hollywood is good in my book!

Jackojwang4238d ago

It's not that it's impossible to due but until Capcom pulls a Marvel (ironic) and works directly with the producers like Marvel did with Iron Man than it won't happen.

Jackojwang4238d ago

Sorry I got distracted..yah a Third Strike anime would be shiz because that series never got proper respect. I'd also want to see what happens after 3 and more than the little endings they put in.

Peaceful_Jelly4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

SFIII is not even a real SF game. With that entry Capcom was trying to reboot the franchise but the fans complained so much that they had to include Ryu and Ken and then for the other revisions they added Chun-Li and Akuma. That is why all of the characters in SFIII were new (beside, those 4) and their designs were so out of place when compared to SFII.

Thanks god Capcom understood and then they made SFIV as a prequel packing all the old characters and they simply included a few new. Instead of trying to reboot the franchise they fused all the series and included characters like Ibuki and Sakura. That was the right direction... But instead of ruining SF now they are messing up DMC. Capcom doesn't learn! =(

Masta Kaos4238d ago

SF II: the animated movie.....stil the best