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Congratulations to No Longer Human on becoming Platinum

From Paul Gale Network: "No Longer Human, just won Future Film Festival‘s Platinum Grand Prize."

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Jackojwang4236d ago

Not for kids but oh so deliciously violent for adults. Grats.

Amber3604236d ago

Never heard of it but maybe I will give it a try. I use to be into manga and anime more but kinda fell out as of late. Though I do like the stuff that isn't so mainstream (but eventually becomes lol).

TonykomatMK4236d ago

Now's the time to get into it again.

MikamiFanForLife4236d ago

Do yourself a favor and watch it..just don't be squeemish.

KellyKellyWWE204236d ago

I agree it was the best new anime I saw but Italy award never heard of?

MikamiFanForLife4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

Oh and well worth it!

Edit: well deserved

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