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Bleach Anime Schedule for May 2011

Bleach in May set to feature numerous Shinigami battles.

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tayz4084d ago

noooooo not more fillers!!! they should just cancel the show now!!

MikamiFanForLife4084d ago

Sound cool I'm looking forward to long as it's quality.

tayz4084d ago

fillers are never quality. People say they like the Bount Arc, but that was really boring. I liked the last arc and that was cannon!

Raf1k14083d ago

Agreed fillers are usually boring. However, there seems to be some decent action in the new filler arc and the animation is actually better than that it was in the cannon.

d4sholil14084d ago

I am actually really surprised by this filler. The animation is sweet and the story with this arc is looking good thus far. First filler arc I have looked forward too. I at least think Gotei 13 invading army arc is looking way better than the main story line as illustrated in the manga.

yaz2884083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

The last few episode were AWESOME !!! although I hate fillers but this new one sound interesting ... wait who am I kidding, just keep the quality of the last 5 episode going.. really awesome animation !!!

I was like wtf O_O the fight scenes are actually good !! not often we see that in bleach these days (and thats why bleach suck) until aizen last fight with ichigo ..oh thank god they didn't screw up