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Anime Evo: Freezing Review

Anime Evo: Reading the synopsis for Freezing made us think of two things: hot babes fighting each other in scanty clothing and some sort of fight for humanity. And we were right in more ways than one. Freezing is just one of those shows that no matter how much you enjoy blood, gore and fanservice, it leaves you wanting more.

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CrescentFang4299d ago

Hm, I decided not to watch the anime, since I read the manga, but I guess if I have time to, I'll quickly skim through the anime...

Though it sounds like they upped the fanservice and I guess they planned only 12 episodes maybe so that it interests those who want more (story or fanservice...) to buy the manga? I dunno, it's just a guess and at least I know the anime is at least a decent adaptation :)