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Tales Of The Abyss 3DS heads overseas for a US release

"Brilliant news readers, and our previous wishes have been granted – Tales of the Abyss, Namco Bandai Tales Studio’s remake of the PS2 RPG that followed the successful Tales of Symphonia, is on its way to America, as confirmed in the latest issue of videogames publication Nintendo Power."

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Reibooi4227d ago

I personally am still waiting for a Vesperia PS3 release in the US. I like abyss and all but I don't like playing these big long RPG's on a handheld(more so when it wasn't designed as a handheld game) and I don't care about the 3D gimmick so I don't know if I will be picking it up(The game that will make me buy a 3DS is Devil Survivor Overclocked which doesn't even have 3D as far as I know)

CrescentFang4227d ago

Hm, I don't think Namco will consider voicing the skits, right :(

Jackojwang4224d ago

Should be good, just hope Namco gets good vo for the job.