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Great CG illustration of Ryu vs. Hugo

From Paul Gale Network: "When you combine Capcom’s colorful cast of characters from its Street Fighter series and a great CG artist like Victor Hugo, you get unique art such as this."

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DolfZigglers4230d ago

This looks like the style Capcom was using in that MegaMan Universe trailer. Pretty sweet stuff man.

E3exponews4230d ago

That game got cancelled. :(

TonykomatMK4230d ago

Yeah didn't seem really "there".

MikamiFanForLife4230d ago

What if Capcom went with this style in a game? I wonder how many people would love it and how many would hate it.

E3exponews4230d ago

We need more of this! All of the recent art that talents have been creating is stellar stuff. Ryu looks cool and different but Hugo and Poison are pretty much spot on with their SF3 counterparts.

TonykomatMK4230d ago

Ahh more Street Fighter art? Beautiful work but day after day I see great Street Fighter art and no love for Mortal Kombat. Please someone..hmm maybe with the new game it'll encourage artists to come out with cool stuff.

halojane94230d ago

Good work Hugo! Coincidence? Haha.

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