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How Street Fighter V could work: CGI Blanka vs. Dhalsim art

"CGI artwork of Blanka vs. Dhalsim shows a unique perspective of Street Fighters going at it, with the opinion attached as to how Capcom could make a 3D roaming Street Fighter game work. In this case, what would possibly be Street Fighter V."

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MikamiFanForLife4231d ago

I dunno if most people would be happy with StreetFighter going 3D and all (in that fashion) but that does hold a pretty compelling argument. Great art and if Capcom made it like that I could see it happening.

cathyokunga4231d ago

We ARE about to see what Namco does to Street Fighter in Tekken X Street Fighter.

TekkenSmithMachine4231d ago

True dat and its bout to get real.

cathyokunga4231d ago

I'm hoping to see some of that game at E3 this year because hadoukens in 3D? Capcom is more than capable of pulling off Tekken characters in a 2D gameplay style which we've seen in the videos of their game but can Namco pull it off? I hope so.

TonykomatMK4231d ago

Before Capcom makes a 3D Street Fighter we need SF and MK to battle it out.

OldSchoolGamer34231d ago

Or Capcom vs. Nintendo
Or Nintendo vs. Capcom

One done Street Fighter style
One done Smash Bros. style

OldSchoolGamer34231d ago

By the way........SICK ART! Very talented artist n I can't wait to see more of his stuff. Will have to remember the name: Hugo. Pretty crazy what fans can do. They are the future of our industry because they carry the passion that will move us onward.

xino4230d ago

it's such a shame that Paul is comming up with garbage articles!

I can also tell that he can't get into EEE3 2011, so he needs hits to be qualified. Reason why he's making such useless articles.

Yet he claims he's a gamer