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Awesome CGI art of Zero from Mega Man

From Paul Gale Network: "Zero is a lot of people’s favorite character from the world of Mega Man and it’s hard not to like him even more after looking at how cool he’s depicted here."

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Jackojwang4231d ago

Yes he does! Excellent artwork and makes me wish I still drew.

Jackojwang4231d ago

All of this tight CGI work makes me want some games to look like that. Imagine a real Mega Man game in a 3D world (like Mega Man Legends 3) but with visuals like this. It'd be the coolest thing evar.

halojane94231d ago

Capcom will pull out something no doubt amazing at E3 this year.

halojane94231d ago

This is the same Victor that did artwork before for those Street Fighter drawings. This is how companies get new artists on the net for up and comers.

TekkenSmithMachine4231d ago

The article said that there's more coming from the artist too which sounds cool. Chun Li vs. Vega anyone? That SF2 Animated movie has stuck with me for life where the two of them fight.

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