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Anime Evo: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Episode 05 Review

Anime Evo: Beyond happy. Thats what I was when this episode finished. I was just beyond happy! This was far better than my expectations! I had been ready for a further slight decline in animation quality but lo! I was completely wrong on that account! This week’s story was about Chiaki and Tori, which hasn’t been covered in the manga but rather, has its own light novels. So a lotta people didn’t know what their story was. Unless they’ve read the light novel or heard the drama cd’s, this weeks episode is gonna be some fresh material for the fans. I had already heard the drama cd’s so I pretty much knew what was coming. Not that THAT stopped me from whibbling at two points, almost crying at one of em and then laughing my GUT out at the ending!

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