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Anime Evo: Deadman Wonderland 04 Review

Anime Evo:A good episode in terms of revelations and “Aha so THATS what that was!”. It was also a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride this episode. Nothing like Clannad or anything but still, there was a certain level of mood whiplash occurring. I mean, when yer totally engrossed in the “fight to the death” between Crow and Woodpecker…and then Shiro busts in outta no where and Senji’s all “aaaaaaaah her boobs are all in my face!” It was a complete “…” moment. But the whole bit where Ganta’s being forced to watch that video…anyone else get ‘A Clockwork Orange’ flashbacks? *shudders* All in all, I just felt so badly for Ganta yet again!

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