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US Disgaea 4 premium edition lacks the Fuka nendoroid in place of something else

"American Disgaea 4 fans are getting offered two special editions, but there’s a catch.."

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Amber3604072d ago

I don't want to say the catch and spoil it but neat.

Reibooi4072d ago

If all the little figures look that cheap I won't bother with the premium set(which was what I was going to pre order) They look far to cheap and would look horrible sitting next to the much higher quality stuff on my shelf. It's nice they wanna give you alot more of em and all but if the quality is really low then no dice.

disgaeapuchi4072d ago

I agree. The original Fuka nendoroid that was bundled with the Japanese version is far superior in craftsmanship and build quality (and looks remarkably like you'd expect Fuka to look like), so it's disappointing.

I posted this article up on disappointment alone. If you check the first few images in it you'll see NIS America had put artwork of the nendoroid on the box, so that's what I was expecting, but they must have changed the figure around in the last minute or two.

GillHarrison4072d ago

Well, since Good Smile Company has technically "stopped" their products from shipping outside of Japan (Not enforced at all), I don't see this changing.

CrescentFang4072d ago

Oh so that's why... I don't collect figures, but it was helpful of you to post this :)

disgaeapuchi4071d ago

As CrescentFang mentioned - very helpful of you to post that. I had no idea that's why! NIS America must have originally planned to ship the nendoroid (you can see its illustration on the original box), too. :(