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Screenshots of Bleach: Soul Resurreccion

72 images of the game have been released by NIS America.

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tayz4072d ago

wow this game is going to have nice graphics. way better than the demo

gamerfan4eva4072d ago

looks like its worth buyinh

CrescentFang4069d ago

Well I am not sure about the quality of this game, but i think NISA will make a good profit since Bleach is a well known manga/anime and I think many will buy it. If it is rated T (which it probably will be) than I think i would be pretty happy for NISA. I am thinking about getting the game, but unfortunately I am unsure at this point (since I actually don't buy that many anime games) but I'll keep an eye out.
Also I downloaded the demo, but then deleted it so I don't have any impressions on the game yet :)
Thanks for the article!