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Man Who Said Dragon Ball Saiyan Told Him to Kill Sentenced

On Wednesday, the Tokyo District Court sentenced a suspect who had claimed that a Super Saiya-jin (Super Saiyan) alien character from the Dragon Ball anime told him to stab another man with a kitchen knife. Presiding Judge Masato Itō certified that the suspect, a 38-year-old unemployed man named Mitsuru Imai, had diminished mental capacity. Therefore, the judge sentenced Imai to a three-year prison sentence, suspended for five years, for the attempted murder.

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Neko_Mega4212d ago

Dummy, its hard to believe their people like this in are world.

Etseix4212d ago

there are people like those in our world, u should accept that now before society dissapoints you again ;)

Rai4212d ago

people thought today was the end of the world.

Neko_Mega4212d ago

Yeah, I talk to my mom and she said she shouldn't have paid on her car because it would safe her some money if the world did end.

She was joking, but yeah. Its even more funny when the people talk about God and say the world is going to end and if you read the bible.

Theirs somethings that are so post to be a sign that it is going to end and that fact it even says not to worry about it.

Killzone3___4212d ago

the world gonna end but i don't think it will end next year or any year near ... when people getting worst , i mean really really bad then that's a start , we are just gettinng started of people getting worst .. you will see ..

2fk4212d ago

schizophrenic i guess

Xof4210d ago

Goddammit Vegeta.


Alternatively, I wonder if the cops there actually bothered to investigate. It's entirely possible this poor man was goaded into the crime by a man with long blonde hair, and did not mean SSJ literally.