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Final Impressions: Casshern Sins

Check out this old but sweet action filled anime that not too many people know about. Read and see how we experienced the pain Casshern feels through his violent unanswered journey.

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OmegaBatman4207d ago

I am sorry for the inconvenience but the site has gone under construction. We are a new site and shuffling through a lot of trial and error phases. The site should be up soon and thank you for understanding.

CrescentFang4207d ago

Oh I did watch this while it was airing, but have yet to finish it (guess that gives me a reason to rewatch it lol)

I love the story, but I just wonder how it compares to the original Casshern (which probably didn't take place in a post-apocalyptic world from what I've seen)
Thanks for the review :)