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Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison Image Shows Naruto Running

A new image shows Naruto running away from the Blood Prison.

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tayz4205d ago

16 yr old naruto doesnt do those weird scared eye things anymore. i miss those times.

Peaceful_Jelly4204d ago

why are people hyping this movie so much? There are like 20 Naruto movies and all of them are garbage, there's not even at least one that can be called "average".

gamerfan4eva4204d ago

the rest were garbage but this one actually looks good.

baker_boi4204d ago

I dunno about all that. The one with the Knight dude was the only one I liked.

I thought the one with Sasuke in it was gonna be good, but that one was dull.

But the one with the Knight dude was the best one to me. The only good one anyway.

tayz4204d ago

I think that was the very first naruto movie. with the black haired princess right?

jetlian4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

knight one was the second movie! snow princess was the best and first.

crxss4203d ago

None of these movies are good. Also the title of this post is just hysterical.... Naruto runs in this movie? No effing way!...

...Believe it...