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AnimeTent's TOP 10 Psychological Thriller Mystery Anime video

Watch AnimeTent's TOP 10 Psychological Thriller Mystery Anime in this video.
Higurashi naku koro ni was not included as it can be better described as a Psychological,Horror anime.

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shreeveera4206d ago

Share your top 5 Psychological thriller anime.
I definitely believe Monster,Death note and Kaiji deserve the top 3 spots.

Kee4206d ago

Of course death note is up there. One of my favourite shows of all time.

shreeveera4206d ago

Hi bro.
Can you recommend me a few Anime shows similar to Death Note,Code Geass and Kaiji with a witty and intelligent protagonist.

Kee4206d ago

I really can't, Death note and Code Geass are all I've watched... I really wish it wasn't such a niche area.

shreeveera4206d ago

If you havent watched KAIJI anime,go ahead and watch it.
I highly recommend it if you like Death Note.Definitely a masterpiece thriller anime.

Blackpool4205d ago

I think you should try detective conan

takedown4205d ago

You should watch Monster. It's excellent and is also a mystery thriller