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Anime Evo: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Episode 08 Review

Anime Evo: Well SOMEONE took their DAMN SWEET time getting to Yukina & Kisa *pokes DEEN* Eight weeks to get to these two? LORD, you made me think that you’d never get to them! But glad yah did! And even more glad that next week is gonna be more Yukina/Kisa HUZZAH~ *confetti tossing*

Kisa…oh Kisa Kisa Kisa *pats his back* I dont care what no one says but I kinda like you. His inherently negative minded thinking…I get that. I understand where he comes from and makes me relate deeply with him. The poor guy’s got an inferiority complex the size of Texas and it makes me wanna hug the guy. And then rattle him for being so damned baby face. Its a love/hate relationship really

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