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Bleach Anime Schedule for June 2011 Released

Saiyan Island writes "It was just back in February that our hero Ichigo defeated the sinister Aizen, and the anime had essentially caught up to the Bleach manga. March was full of one-shot fillers, and in April a new Bleach filler arc had begun. May continued the filler arc and in June we have 4 more episodes from the the Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc."

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tayz3718d ago

we'll probably get 2 years worth of fillers. manga barley has any new content

Myst-Vearn3716d ago

The manga has been awful since Aizen was defeated

MinusTheBear3716d ago

It has been awful since mid-way through hueco mundo in my opinion.

yaz2883716d ago

true , but I think its catching up now

yaz2883716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Lol , I got say I am happy with this fillers ( its just too awesome!! )
I don't know what happened !! I am at shock tph O_O a FILLER TO BE THIS GOOD ?! WOOOOOOOOW

since ep315 and the anime is doing quite well, every episode were very entertaining and the animation is top notch (not like the past 50 episode which was horrible compared to the manga imo .. except for the ending eps )

Tony-Red-Grave3716d ago

well if im right the manga is on the last two filler the short fullbring and the long main story one after, or am i wrong?