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Brand new LUPIN the Third ANIME Tv series for Fall 2011

After his Last outing that is LAST JOB which aired in February 2010,LUPIN is back again with a Bang.
This Anime is scheduled to air on NTv this FALL 2011.

Lets see what happens this time between the World famous thirf and Zenigata.

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shreeveera4094d ago

I can hardly wait to watch this.
I really loved Lupin III.

zgoldenlionz4093d ago

totally agree with you, loved this show!

shreeveera4094d ago

Lupin versus Zenigata.
Who's gonna win this time?

NellyNel_7_1_34093d ago

Thanks God! I love this series and I can not wait to they air it in the NA!

solidsnake2224093d ago

Watched this and Case Closed on Adult Swim all the time about, what, 7 years back? Now I have about every DVD for both show. Hope this one lives up to my expectations!

shreeveera4093d ago

Definitely agree with you bro.
I too am a huge fan of this series,hope it delivers.
Why doesn't Kindaichi's case files anime get subbed or the Manga get scanlated.Im very sad.

zgoldenlionz4093d ago

Man, I haven't seen Case Closed since it was on Adult Swim. I use to really like it, thanks for the reminder I'm going to get back into it.

MassOnesumis4093d ago

Thats greats, I love Lupin to the point where I used to stay up to watch it on adult swim.

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The story is too old to be commented.