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Deadman Wonderland Vol. #01 Review (

WSA writes: "Deadman Wonderland has a rather deceiving cover. In no way does it portray the blood and gore that lays within. But there is actually some substance to the story, along with a plethora of mindless killing. What exactly has happened to Ganta? Who is this “Red Man”? And what role is Shiro going to play in all of this? These questions are but the tip of the iceberg in volume one, and as with most first volumes, the reader is introduced to the characters and given a background on what has happened.

Having come across this series randomly at a local Waldenbooks (owned by Borders), I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the first volume. The characters are interesting, as is the concept; a privatized prison that pits prisoners against each other and obstacles for viewers’ pleasure. Sound great! I highly recommend people check out at least the first volume. The art is great and for anyone who likes a little blood and gore, this is definitely your cup of tea."

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