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Sawajiri Erika to act in live-action “Lupin the Third” movie?

Rumours have started circulating regarding the speculation of Sawajiri Erika's involvement in the Upcoming live action remake of the classic anime series-Lupin the Third,sheduled to release along with a Photobook.

She is rumoured to be acting as Fujiko in the movie.

Check out the full Cast of characters.

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shreeveera4087d ago

Great news!
We get 3 Things this Fall-
1)Lupin the Third ANIME
2)Lupin the Third Photobook and
3)Lupin the Third Live-Action movie starring Sawajiri Erika.

Thats enough Lupin this Year!!!

FiftyFourPointTwo4086d ago

Damn, Erika as Fujiko? Yum yum. This should be worth watching even just for her. lol

shreeveera4087d ago

Lets hope for a quality Fansub group taking up this movie project till we hear any official release date.
I really like cute yet innocent face.