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King of Fighter's Mai Shiranui Cosplay Gallery

GPT: "We all know who Mai Shiranui is. Mai is one of the most popular characters in both the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series of fighting games by SNK. Mai isn't just a star in the video game world.

She made her first anime appearance in Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle, where she follows Andy on his travels to find Krauser in Germany, where she is approached and later attacked by Laurence Blood. Andy defeats Blood and rescues Mai In Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture, Mai is present with Terry, Andy and Joe when the quest to find the Armor of Mars and stop the would-be conqueror Laocorn Gaudeamus is given to them by Sulia, Laocorn's sister."

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GunShotEddy4072d ago

Is her name supposed to sound like the song by The Knack.

jonlynch4072d ago

Do you know anything about Japanese culture, in particular how they loved to parody 80s pop culture back in the day?

charlescox44071d ago

We all learn by asking questions. Don't be rude to new people.

jphelps804071d ago

It's very possible considering all the inside jokes at the old SNK, but they almost never confirm the references. Don't be detered by rude people either.

VG_Releaser4071d ago

I don't care who she's named after. Plus she's out lasted that song.

ivanjp18824070d ago Show