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[anizeen] Summer TV Anime Season 2011

An intense spring is almost over; with it, we can start thinking about the endless summer days or those suffocating nights, in the north hemisphere. Of course, for many of us it also means that we will have enough time to scratch our bellies with full joy.

Also, it means the arrival of a new anime season. The 2011 Summer Season seems compact and interesting at first glance. Basically, most of the series are new, which means a true possibility to find something interesting to watch.

Now, it's good to say that storylines are becoming a lot more complicated and topics are more mature every single year. There will be enough for everyone, from the classic school comedies, sweet romance into ecchi and beyond.

First of all, the 'American' anime series will continue with Blade, if you were able to watch some of the latest Marvel anime, you know what to expect from it.

Now, some of the series that has all the attention are CLAMP's Blood-C, one thing is certain, there will be bloo...

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Azeat4183d ago

I quite like how you emboldened the series names for emphasis and even put individual images linking to the official sites - very well done.

JAMurida4183d ago

Only thing I'll probably watch is No. 6 and Blood C. Everything else looks... the same.

Wasn't the anime adaptation of Mirai Nikki suppose to come out soon?

ware4me4183d ago

I think Mirai Nikki was an OVA or pilot episode, the anime seems to come during the Fall Season.